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SPC Flooring Production Line

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Product Description

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC flooring is the abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composites,also named rigid vinyl plank,is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on high technology. The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin and calcium powder. 

The SPC floor big board is extruded by an extruder combined with a T-die. Using a four-roll or five-roll calender, the PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and SPC core are laminated and embossed by heating at one time. After cooling, it is cut into SPC floor big boards.No glue is used in the SPC floor production line. The surface of the SPC floor is coated with UV paint to increase its wear resistance and increase its performance.Then according to the finished floor size, the big board will be cut into small size ,and make the click profile .The SPC Flooring production line ,V groove painting machine , IXPE laminating machine ,  packing and stacking machine are the optional equipment.We will design according to customers' needs.

SPC Flooring production line manufactured by HallMark is high quality, high precision,low energy consumption, excellent performance.It is a reliable SPC Flooring Manufacturers of choice that you can trust!

SPC Flooring Production Line Video

SPC Flooring Production Extrusion Machine Video

What machines are required to install SPC Flooring Production Line?

             Mixing Machine → SPC Extrusion Line(SPC Extrusion Screw) → UV Coating → Multi-rip saw → Double end tenoner → V Groove Painting Machine(optional)→ IXPE/EVA Laminating Machine (optional)→ Packing and Stacking line(optional)



1. SPC Extrusion Line(SPC Extrusion Screw)

SPC Flooring Sheet Extrusion Line manufactured by HallMark Machinery is one of the most important process for whole SPC flooring production line.

The raw materials are natural stone powder and PVC resin powder as well as additives.

The SPC/PVC extruder converts the mixed raw materials into the SPC core layer by the double-cone screw(Twin Screw Extruder Machine) and T-die, and laminating the wear-resistant layer and decorative  film on the core layer with emboss roller,and finally form the large board of the SPC floor.


2.UV Coating Machine

UV Coating Machine is used to coat UV paint on the surface of SPC board for SPC flooring production line.

It can help to keep the glossy uniform and improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the SPC flooring products.

cutter multi rip saw

3.Multi rip saw

Cutting machine (multi rip saw) is used to cut the flooring board into several pieces,connected to the back of the DET machine to work continuously.

cutter and DET

4.Double end tenoner Machine

The double end tenoner machine (slotting machine) include feeding roller conveyor(front),longitudinal double end tenoner ,feeding roller conveyor (center) and transverse double end tenoner.

Double end tenoner machine is mainly applicable to the continuous production of slotting SPC flooring,both long side and short side.Can work with automatic loading and unloading system to finish automatic feed in and feed out, with the latest technology. 

v groove painting

5.V Groove Painting Machine(optional)

With the trend of the times, more and more customers like SPC floors with painted V groove. 

The painted V-shape groove makes the floor look more beautiful, improve product quality. 


6.IXPE/EVA laminating machine(optional)

Bond the underlayment materials on the backside of the flooring to improve the ability of sound insulation.

The machine is controlled by PLC system,which is easy to use. The film and the floor are firmly and flatly bonded together.


7. Packing and Stacking line(optional)

SPC flooring production line of Packing and Stacking line for SPC flooring production line is designed and developed for the automatic packaging of standard plastic floors on the market, high-speed , simple operation, saving labor.

Automatically fold the cartons, after positioned a certain amount of floors ,automatic put into the cartons for packaging, carton is fixed by hot melt glue,and finally stack them for easy transportation.

dust colleting system

8.Dust extraction system

The SPC flooring production line has developed a dust extraction systems including dust collectors,piping/ducting,fans,conveyors,silos and automated control systems.

This dust collecting system makes it possible for customers to not only achieve a good working environment,but also recycle waste,which can represents a large economic value.

Raw Materials Needed For SPC Flooring

SPC flooring raw materials mainly are Polyvinyl Chloride powder and Calcium powder. Content percentage is PVC powder: Calcium powder = 1:3, and reasonable content of accessory ingredients as stabilizer, black carbon, and DOTP oil etc..

Calcium powder require standards of 350-400 mesh for SPC flooring production line,reasonable whiteness and humidity. More content of Calcium will increase board hardness and decrease flexibility and increase shrinking percentage.

DOTP oil with function of internal and outer lubricants to control flexibility. Almost colorless low viscosity liquid, because PVC itself is a hard material, add plasticizer, plastic products can be soft, easy to bend, fold, good elasticity and easy to shape.

Stabilizer: Slow down the reaction, maintain chemical balance, and reduce surface tension, prevent light, thermal decomposition or oxidation reactions, cause to final products quality more stable. Besides, materials composition done by stabilizer fusion, also play a shaping role.  If quality not good, shaping will not be good enough cause to board easy broken, increase producing difficulty, and decrease capacity.

Black carbon is the pigments with the strongest coloring and hiding power. Most stable pigments, heat, chemical and light resistance, different quality cause to color effect different.

Floor mateial

SPC Floor Structures


Advantages of SPC Floor Production Line

spc floor advantages

  • ECO-friendly

    SPC floor uses calcium powder and PVC as the main raw materials, non-toxic and renewable resources.

  • Fire Retardant

    Even if something burns on the SPC floor ,such as cigarette or a lighter,it will not be affected.

  • Wear-resistant

    There is a wear-resistant layer on the surface, its wear-resistant revolution can reach 8000-16000 Ordinary laminate flooring are generally only 1200-9000 revolutions.

  • Waterproof and Damp-proof

    SPC floor produced by the SPC floor machine solves the problem of rotting, swelling and deformation of wood products due to moisture absorption and water absorption in the environment,  suitable for any place.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Maintenance-free, easy to clean, saving later maintenance costs.

  • Easy to clean

    Wear-resistant layer has special skid resistance,feet feel more astringent when floor is wet.

Key Components of SPC Flooring Production Line

To achieve efficient and high-quality production of SPC flooring, several key components make up the production line. These components include:


Mixing Machine: This machine is responsible for accurately blending the raw materials, ensuring a homogeneous mixture that meets the desired specifications.


Extruder and Calendaring Machine: The extruder is used to melt the blended materials and extrude them into a continuous sheet. The calendaring process involves passing the sheet through rollers to achieve the desired thickness and smoothness.


Embossing and Printing Machine: This machine adds texture and pattern to the SPC flooring sheet through embossing, creating a realistic look and feel. The printing process applies vibrant designs and colors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the flooring.


Cutting and Profiling Machine: After the embossing and printing process, the SPC flooring sheet is precisely cut into planks or tiles of various sizes. The profiling machine ensures smooth edges and consistent dimensions for easy installation.

Essential Maintenance Tips for SPC Flooring Production Line

Regular Cleaning and Lubrication 

Proper cleaning and lubrication play a crucial role in maintaining the SPC flooring production line. Regularly clean the machinery to remove dust, debris, and residue. Use appropriate cleaning agents and non-abrasive tools to avoid damaging the equipment. Additionally, ensure that all moving parts are well lubricated to minimize friction and prevent premature wear and tear.

Inspection and Replacement of Wear Parts Wear parts, such as cutting blades, embossing rollers, and extrusion screws, are subjected to significant stress during the production process. Regularly inspect these parts for signs of wear and damage. Replace worn-out parts promptly to prevent production issues and maintain the quality of the flooring.

Calibration and Alignment 

Checks Accurate calibration and alignment are vital for producing high-quality SPC flooring. Regularly calibrate and align the machinery to ensure precise measurements and uniform product dimensions. This step helps avoid defects and inconsistencies in the flooring and enhances overall production efficiency.

Monitoring and Controlling Temperature and Humidity 

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels in the production area is crucial for SPC flooring production. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect the quality and stability of the flooring. Install temperature and humidity monitoring systems and take necessary measures, such as insulation and ventilation, to create a controlled environment.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule 

Implementing a preventive maintenance schedule is key to avoiding unexpected breakdowns and reducing downtime. Create a maintenance calendar that includes routine inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of wear parts. Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule helps identify potential issues early and ensures smooth operations.

Choosing the Best SPC Flooring Production Line

When selecting the best SPC flooring production line for your business, several factors should be considered


Quality and Efficiency: Look for a production line that guarantees consistent quality output and high production efficiency. This ensures reliable and cost-effective manufacturing processes.


Customization Options: Consider the flexibility of the production line to meet your specific design and customization requirements. The ability to produce a wide range of styles, patterns, and sizes adds value to your business.


Equipment Reliability: Opt for a production line that utilizes reliable and durable machinery. This reduces downtime, maintenance costs, and ensures a smooth production flow.


Technical Support and Training: Choose a supplier that offers comprehensive technical support and training to ensure the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the production line.


Benefits of Using High-Quality SPC Flooring Production Line

Investing in a high-quality SPC flooring production line offers numerous benefits for manufacturers:


Enhanced Productivity: A well-designed production line with efficient machinery and automation processes can significantly increase productivity, allowing for higher output and faster turnaround times.


Consistent Product Quality: With advanced technology and precise manufacturing processes, a high-quality production line ensures consistent product quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards.


Cost-Effectiveness: The use of a reliable production line minimizes material waste and reduces the need for rework, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing process.


Versatility and Innovation: A versatile production line enables manufacturers to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer demands. It facilitates the introduction of innovative designs and patterns to stay competitive in the industry.

Appliaction of SPC Flooring Production Line

 SPC (stone plastic composite) floor is a new environmentally-friendly floor developed based on high technology. It contains no formaldehyde which makes it mildew-proof, moisture-proof, fireproof, insect- proof, dust mite-proof, Non-toxic; 100% recyclable, and easy to install and clean.

 High environmental protection performance, no pollution, good sound absorption. In comparison with other floors, the SPC floor has less investment cost and labor cost, and keeps the environment clean. it is perfect choice for the indoor decoration.

Widely used in indoor homes, hospitals, learning, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commerce, stadiums and other places.

Other Issues You Care About

      1. What are the latch types of SPC Flooring Production Line?

           Click lock: Unilin, Valinge, I4F etc.


  1. 2.How often does the tool need to be sharpened? How long is the service life?

  2. Sharp the tools after about 20,000sqm floor, and change the tools after about 10 times sharpping.

  3. 3.What raw materials are needed to make SPC Flooring

    PVC, calcium carbonate, recycled material, stabilizer, CPE, ACR, Stearic, PE wax.

Our Projects


Our Services


●Provide the information in time at customer requirement and make reasonable proposals and budgeting for whole flooring production line.

●Give technical support for the customer's renovation of old facilities for free

●Provide one-stop service and support to the customer's other equipment

●Provide raw material related consultation


●On-site planning for the customers by professional engineer

●Valuable advice and recommendations on the purchasing of other auxiliary accessories and raw material

●Free training for operators


●For all sold products ,free replacement of quality problems within the warranty period,provide lifetime keep-up and maintenance service

●All-around keep-up,transportation and transformation of equipment

●Provide production and technical advisory service

●Provide on-site installation, debugging , training and remote guidance services,

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

  1. Rich experience and professional design

    We have 15 years experience in flooring industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.

  2. Competitive price 

    HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

  3. Timely after-sale service 

    We have over 15 skilled technicians offer after-sale service, will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the flooring production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

  4. One-stop solution

    HallMark provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,whole SPC  flooring production line, raw materials ,equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

  5. Quality control

    Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.

  6. Customized

    HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.

FAQ of SPC Flooring Production Line

1.Where is SPC Flooring Made ?

The majority of SPC flooring is manufactured in China. China's booming manufacturing industry and access to essential raw materials have made it a hub for SPC production. However, SPC flooring is also produced in other countries worldwide.

2.What is the Importance of High-Quality SPC Flooring Production line

Precision and Efficiency: Advanced machinery ensures accurate production with minimal wastage, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Durability and Longevity: Robust equipment leads to longer-lasting flooring products that withstand wear and tear.

Safety Features: Modern machines come with safety features that protect workers and reduce the risk of accidents.

3.How to Choose the Right SPC Flooring Production Line ?

Understanding Your Production Needs: Assessing the required production capacity and specifications.

Evaluating Machinery Specifications: Checking the technical capabilities of the machinery to meet production demands.

Considering After-Sales Support: Opting for suppliers that offer comprehensive after-sales services and support.

4.What is the Process of SPC Flooring Production ?

Raw Materials: The production process begins with the gathering of raw materials, such as vinyl, limestone powder, stabilizers, and pigments.

Mixing: These raw materials are mixed in precise ratios to form a homogenous mixture that will provide the desired characteristics to the flooring.

Extrusion: The mixture is then fed into an extruder, where it is shaped into uniform sheets with the help of specialized molds.

UV Coating: A UV coating is applied to enhance the flooring's scratch resistance and appearance.

Cutting and Shaping: The sheets are cut into the desired dimensions and shaped to resemble planks or tiles.

Embossing: The flooring may undergo embossing to create textures and patterns that mimic natural materials like wood or stone.

Quality Control: Stringent quality checks are performed throughout the production process to ensure consistent and reliable results.

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