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Non-standard Customized Made

Non-standard Customized Made

HallMark provide non-standard customization,wall panel double end tenoner,cement fiber double end tenoner , 5G threespine click furniture machine , 45/60 degree fish - bone double end tenoner etc.

We customize according to customer needs, provide high - precision, high - efficiency, high -q uality equipment.

45/60 degree fish - bone double end tenoner

The 45/60 degree double end tenoner is a high precision double-chain track synchronous continuous feeding method.  After manual loading in the front-end floor stock bin,the floor is transported into the processing stations of the grooving machine by the conveyor chain at a set angle.

45/60 degree fish - bone double end tenoner Video

45/60 degree fish - bone double end tenoner Main Features

  • High precision production processing.

  • Feeding by frequency conversion control.

  • Adopts advanced linear guide.

  • Uses 8 units of pneumatic cylinders to pinch raw board;

  • All adjusting shafts are equipped with counters

  • The chain and guides lubricated by a self-oil feeder

Wall panel double end tenoner,cement fiber double end tenoner

Calcium silicate board,cement fiber board ,glass magnesium board longitudinal(long side)for slotting double sides,to achieve seamless splicing ,can be processed tongue & groove,click profile and other special profile.

About HallMark

HallMark is a professional manufacturer in flooring industry with 15 years experience,have own factory and rich experience. Products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world,such as Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Iran, India, Malaysia, Vietnam.

The main products of our company are laminated flooring and SPC flooring production line, and other non-standard customized equipment in the construction/wall panel/furniture industry.We can not only provide the above production lines, but also provide a complete set of solutions and technical consulting services.

We provide one-stop supply and service for you ,from the raw material to machine design , production,installation, commissioning, staff training, and after-sales service,also provide the turnkey solution. To provide customers with high-quality products,reasonable prices,timely and professional services to meet the various needs of customers.

HallMark firmly believes that transaction is not the end, but the beginning of service.

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