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Laminate Flooring Production Line

Laminate Flooring Production Line

HallMark is the leader of China Laminate Flooring Production Line, laminate floor machine Manufacture.

We provide the total solutions for flooring making line,include Hot press machine,Cutting machine,Double end tenoner(slotting machine,click profiling machine), V groove paintingmachine (bevel painter),Wax sealing machine,Packing line and stacking machine.

We provide one stop service,specializing in laminate flooring equipment.

What is the Whole Laminate Flooring Production Line

Lamiante Flooring Hot Press Machine

The overlay paper, decorative paper, HDF board and balance paper are pressed together through short cycle press with high pressure,high temperature and short cycle time.

Laminate Floor Cutting Machine

Laminate Flooring production line cutting machine is used to cut board into some several small boards.First cut a big board into two pieces by transverse saw, and then through steering roller conveyor feed into left or right or both sides multi rip saw to cut into required specifications small boards.

Laminate Floor Cutting MachineVideo

Laminate Floor Double end Tenoner

Laminate flooring double end tenoner production line , the whole line adopts automatic operation, the main machine is track-through type with highly intensive U-shaped guide rail, which ensures the operational linearity and the synchronicity of double rails.

Laminate Floor Double end Tenoner Video

Lamiante Floor V Groove Painting Machine

Laminate Flooring V Groove Machine is designed to paint the V groove slot by the unique painters from China, water base paint is heated by the infrared heating light.

Laminate Floor V Groove Painting Machine Video

Laminate Floor Wax Sealing Line

Make wax into all grooves of laminate flooring, ensure waterproof and in favor of connecting of flooring.

Laminate Floor Wax Sealing Line Video

Laminate Floor Packing Machine

This packing line is widely used in laminate flooring, furniture, and line packing industries. It can seal and cut products such like carton automatically. And after that it will shrink through shrinking machine to look more beautiful and proof water.

Laminate Floor Packing Machine Video

Lamiante Floor Stacking Line

The floor boxes of the stacking line are stacked and placed as required, and the wrapping film is waterproof, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

Lamiante Floor Stacking Line Video

How Is Laminate flooring Made?

Laminate flooring is actually constructed of 4 layers:Overly Paper,Decoretive Paper, Balance Paper,MDF/HDF. Each layer serves a distinct purpose and are fused together using high heat and intense pressure. Below is a break down of these layers.

The Layers of Laminate Flooring Explained

The bottom most layer is known as the backer balancing layer. This layer is what gives the board a straight base and provides basic balance and stability. Sometimes there is an attached underlayment underneath this backing layer. Whether there is attached underlayment depends on the manufacturer, but it is a completely optional layer.

The core of the laminate is known as the high density fiberboard core . Wood fibers are taken and combined with additives such as resins and waxes to increase strength and durability. These fibers are then shaped into a plank and pressed together under very high pressure to create the core plank of laminate flooring.

A decorative paper layer  is added to the top of the HDF core. This decorative layer can be absolutely any design, color, and pattern, giving laminate flooring endless design possibilities. This high quality decorative layer is what makes laminate look so realistic and natural.

The decorative layer is coated with a wear layer . The wear layer is an aluminum oxide coating that gives the laminate shine and protection. The surface is sealed through this layer and protected from UV damage, scratches, and scuffs. The wear layer is available in a number of finishes, depending on what floor is being produced. Different wear layers are also applied to create different AC ratings. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the floor will be.

These layers are combined to create one seamless surface. After the planks are made, the edges are cut to create locking systems which are then fitted back together again during installation.

If you’re really curious, Clic kronoswiss’s Laminate Flooring Production Press Line

About HallMark

HallMark is a professional manufacturer in flooring industry with 15 years experience,have own factory and rich experience. Products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world,such as Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Iran, India, Malaysia, Vietnam.

The main products of our company are Laminated Flooring Production Lineand SPC Flooring Production Line, and other non-standard customized equipment in the construction/wall panel/furniture industry.We can not only provide the above production lines, but also provide a complete set of solutions and technical consulting services.

We provide one-stop supply and service for you ,from the raw material to machine design , production,installation, commissioning, staff training, and after-sales service,also provide the turnkey solution. To provide customers with high-quality products,reasonable prices,timely and professional services to meet the various needs of customers.

HallMark firmly believes that transaction is not the end, but the beginning of service.

FAQ of Laminate Flooring Production Line

1.How does a Laminate Flooring Production Line work?

The laminate flooring production line begins with the preparation of raw materials, such as wood fibers, resin, and decorative layers. These materials are mixed and compressed under high pressure to create laminate boards. The boards are then treated with decorative layers, which replicate the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone. After surface treatment and drying, the laminate boards are cut into desired sizes and undergo quality control inspections before packaging.

2.What are the key components of a Laminate Flooring Production Line?

A typical laminate flooring production line consists of several essential components, including:

Laminate Flooring Hot Press Machine

Laminate Flooring Cutting Machine

Laminate FLooring Double End Tenoner

Laminate Flooring V Groove Painting Machine

Laminate Flooring Wax Sealing Line

Laminate Flooring Packing Machine

Laminate Flooring Stacking Line

Dust Extraction System for Laminate Flooring Production Line

3.What are the advantages of using a Laminate Flooring Production Line?

Using a laminate flooring production line offers several benefits, including:

Increased production efficiency and output

Consistent product quality

Customization options for different styles and sizes

Reduced labor costs

Enhanced safety measures

Improved resource utilization and waste reduction

4.Are Laminate Flooring Production Line customizable?

Yes, laminate flooring production lines can be customized to meet specific manufacturing requirements. Manufacturers can choose different configurations, sizes, and automation levels 

to tailor the production line according to their needs.

5.What quality control measures are implemented in Laminate Flooring Production Line?

Laminate flooring production line incorporate rigorous quality control measures at various stages of the manufacturing process. These include automated inspection systems for detecting defects, measuring thickness and dimensions, monitoring surface finish, and ensuring proper adhesion between layers.

6.Can Laminate Flooring Production Lines accommodate different laminate thicknesses?

Yes, laminate flooring production line are designed to accommodate different laminate thicknesses. Manufacturers can adjust the settings and parameters of the production line to produce laminate flooring with varying thicknesses, catering to market demands and customer preferences.

7.Are Laminate Flooring Production Line environmentally friendly?

Laminate flooring production line have made significant advancements in terms of environmental 

sustainability. Many manufacturers incorporate eco-friendly practices and technologies in their production processes. These include using recycled materials, minimizing waste generation, and implementing energy-efficient systems. By adopting such measures, laminate flooring production lines strive to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

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