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Is It Easy To Produce SPC Flooring? What Is The Process Of SPC Floor?

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Is It Easy To Produce SPC Flooring? What Is The Process Of SPC Floor?

SPC flooring production manfacturing process---HallMark


1.Mixing Machine

The PVC mixer unit is for mixing PVC powder, CaCO3 and other additives. This equipment is widely used in PVC sheet production and profile production.

The high speed PVC mixing machine is composed of plastic mixer (hot mixer), cooling mixer and control cabinet.

It will guarantee the mixer could use for long time under the high friction.The mixing blades are passed the static and dynamic balance testing. And the main shaft adopts fine sealing to prevent material leakage.

Now, it has gradually replaced the low speed mixing machine, widely used in the production of all kinds of plastic industry.High quality, good price and reliable performance. Hallmark expects to be your mixer machine manufacturer.

2.SPC Floor Extrusion Line

SPC Floor Sheet Extrusion Line manufactured by HallMark is one of the most important process for Whole SPC flooring production line.

SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring, also named Rigid vinyl plank, is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on high technology. The raw materials are natural stone powder and PVC resin powder as well as additives.

The SPC/PVC extruder converts the mixed raw materials into the SPC core layer by the twin screw and T-die, and laminating the wear-resistant layer and decorative film on the core layer with emboss roller, and finally form the large board of the SPC floor.

3.UV Coating Machine

UV Coating Machine is used to coat UV paint on the surface of SPC board/PVC marble board/PVC ceiling/PVC doors etc.. It can help to keep the glossy uniform and improve the scratch resistance of the surface.

UV coating directly affects the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the SPC flooring products.

As a leading provider of flooring equipment in China, HALLMARK providing high-quality, stable and efficient UV coating and curing machine.

4.Cutting And Double End Tenoner Line for SPC Floor

The multi-rip saw cut big board into some small boards, connected to the back of the DET machine to work continuously.

Double end tenoner production line is mainly applicable to the continuous production of SPC flooring.This line includes feeding rolling table,longitudinal double end tenoner and transverse double end tenoner.

This line is used for grooving SPC flooring,both long side and short side.Can work with automatic loading and unloading system to finish automatic feed in and feed out.Advanced design, simple structure, easy operation, intensive automation and reliable performance.

5.SPC Floor V Groove Painting Machine

SPC Floor V groove painting line is used for SPC floor V-shape groove paint .

Cut some of the floor upper edge at 30/45°, and then paint it with water-based paint . After paving, the seam will show a V-shaped notch. The edge color is rich and layered, and it is more beautiful.

6.IXPE / EVA Laminating Machine

Bond the underlayment materials on the backside of the flooring to improve the ability of sound insulation.After adjusting the flooring straight system,  the floor go with the conveyor and be coated with glue, go through the heating oven ,laminate the underlayment (IXPE/EVA) tightly by rubber rollers ,then trimming.

7.SPC Floor Packing And Stacking Line

Packing and Stacking line of packaging machine is a high-speed automatic packaging line, designed and developed for the automatic packaging of standard plastic floors on the market.

Automatically fold the cartons, after positioned a certain amount of floors ,automatic put into the cartons for packaging, fixed by hot melt glue,and finally stack them for easy transportation.

What is SPC Flooring?

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also known as SPC Flooring, is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market. It has a similar construction to WPC, but it comes with an ultra-tough core, which is where the name “rigid core” comes from.

So what does SPC stand for? As it turns out, it stands for a couple of terms that are used interchangeably: stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. It refers to the make-up of the core. The SPC core is what makes this flooring so incredibly durable, maintaining its form even over uneven subfloors.

That means you can install SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring on any level, over almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor and for any amount of traffic.

Advantages of SPC Flooring

Wide Range Of Style And Selections

This huge variation of styles gives you abundant freedom to come out with the pattern and arrangement you like. If you are a risk-taker, have fun mix-and-match with different colors to create your desired look. Just let your creativity flow!

Real Wood-like Design

A timeless design mimicking the beauty of nature is in fact what makes SPC Flooring so popular. Some brands are even able to achieve the real-wood likeliness that is difficult to tellthe difference from far. You can proudly say that it is a ‘wood’ flooring without all the drawbacks of real wood. Isn’t it wonderful?

Real Wood-like Design


Generally, SPC flooring is way more affordable than hardwood flooring and yet it’s able to provide the same natural wood-look effect you desire. The installation cost is also inexpensive. You can even save up the labor cost by going DIY the installation. Needless to say, it is definitely an alternative to expensive wood flooring.

Able To Sustain High Traffic

Don’t be surprised that SPC flooring is able to handle high traffic activity better than another type of flooring. In fact, this feature is one of the main reasons why SPC flooring is so popular. It can sustain lots of foot traffic which is very suitable for large families or active people.

Durable And Long-lasting

Don’t be surprised to find SPC Flooring can actually last 20 years over if it’s well maintained. The quality range of SPC and ways of manufacture are the determining factors of how well your SPC flooring lasts. Speaking of quality, here are the SPC material with a prominent durable feature that you should not miss.

· Solid and composite SPC: These are the homogeneous type of SPC having high resistance against scratches and surface damage.

· Fiber-glass reinforced SPC: It is one of the most durable types as fiber-glass is great for its strength and flexibility. This type of SPC material is extremely durable and able to sustain heavy-duty usage.


Not easily stained and scratched

SPC flooring is extremely durable and able to sustain a high traffic environment. These features allow it to be widely used in commercial areas like offices, retail shops, and restaurants.

Pet lovers shouldn’t be worried about your flooring as it is also not easily stained and scratched.

Not just that, certain brands provide years of warranty for it which makes it even more ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

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