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Laminate Floor Stainless Press Plate


  • 0.4mm to 3mm(Cold Rolled Process 3mm to 35mm(Hot rolled process)

  • 4'x8' , 4'x9' ,5'x8', 5'x9', 6'x8, 6'x9', 7'x9',6'x12' or customized


Product Description

Laminate Flooring Stainless Press Plate Overview

press plate hot press machine

Stainless Steel Press Plate for Decorative Laminates is widely used for industry such as low-pressure short cycle lamination, laminate flooring, HPL and mould door skin etc.The size can be customized.this stainless steel press plate is especially developed for production of high pressure laminate.

Press Plate Photos

wood grain


 Laminate Floor Press Plate Main Parameters

Product name

Press plate


Texture design


Chemical etching


Stainless steel 304


0.4mm to 3mm(Cold Rolled Process

3mm to 35mm(Hot rolled process)


4'x8' , 4'x9' ,5'x8', 5'x9', 6'x8, 6'x9', 7'x9',6'x12' or customized

Surface treatment

Galvanized/Hard chroming


Production of laminates,HPL,floorings,furniture board,MDF.


In bundles ,packed with Water proof paper and wooden pallet .To be packed strongly avoid damage during transportation ,and can be also according to the regulations and customer's requests. Furthermore, products packages also are tagged clear on the outside for easy identification of the product and quality information.

(Above technical parameters just for reference,will design according to actual situation)

Laminate Floor Structures

laminate flooring (1)

Advantages of Laminate Flooring Board 

flooring advantage

  • Easy Installation

    Laminate flooring is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and is quite simple to install, saving you even more money on installation costs.

  • Durability

    Another big positive is laminate’s durability. It’s a tough flooring material that holds up well to pets and heavy foot traffic.

    Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, stains, and just about any other damage. A laminate floor can last for years to come.

    Laminate is also pretty water-resistant, great quality for a kitchen floor; you don’t have to worry about a few drops hitting the floor while cooking, loading the dishwasher or if your puppy has a little accident.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

    Laminate is made largely out of plastic, making it very easy to clean. It also comes in a wide variety of styles that are easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful for years to come.

    Laminate flooring is very easy to care for, making it the perfect choice for families with children or pets.

  • Unique Design

    As mentioned, laminate is a very affordable flooring option. That means that you can get a beautiful floor without breaking the bank.And, because laminate floors are so durable and long-lasting, you won’t have to replace them every few years as you will with some of their inferior counterparts!

    Laminate floors are quite reasonably priced when compared to other types of floors such as Luxury Vinyl or carpet.

  • Easy to Remove If Needed

    When relocating, you can easily remove a laminate floor and put in another floor covering. This is an advantage when removing the old flooring and installing the new one. Laminate floors can be removed, transported, and reinstalled with ease.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Made from materials that help reduce greenhouse emissions, laminate floors leave a little carbon footprint on the environment.Laminate floors are also made out of recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly flooring options.

Future Innovations in Press Plate Technology

As technology continues to advance, so does the innovation in press plate design and manufacturing. Researchers and engineers are constantly exploring ways to enhance the durability and performance of stainless press plates through advancements in materials, surface treatments, and manufacturing techniques.

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Stainless Press Plates

Stainless press plates align with sustainable practices due to their longevity and recyclability. Their extended lifespan and minimal need for replacements contribute to reduced waste generation, making them an environmentally friendly choice for manufacturers.

What is the whole Laminate Floor Production Line ?

laminate flooring production line

  1. Hot Press Line

    The overlay paper, decorative paper, HDF board and balance paper are pressed together through short cycle press with high pressure,high temperature and short cycle time.

  2. Cutting Line

    Cutting machine to cut board into some several small boards.First cut a big board into two pieces by transverse saw, and then through steering roller conveyor feed into left or right or both sides multi rip saw to cut into required specifications small boards.

  3. Double end Tenoner Line

    Double end tenoner line is mainly applicable to the continuous production of laminate flooring.This line includes feeding rolling table,longitudinal double end tenoner and transverse double end tenoner..

    This line is used for grooving laminate flooring,both long side and short side.Advanced design, simple structure, easy operation, intensive automation and reliable performance.

  4. V Groove Painting Line(optional)

    Used for the floor V-groove, use water-based paint,first short side coating and drying, then long side. The floor with paint improved waterproof properties, which is beneficial to the floor of the joining together.

  5. Wax Sealing Line

    Make full use of all the grooves of the wooden floor to ensure waterproof and facilitate the connection of the floor. Reduce damage to materials caused by oxidation or contact with harmful substances in the air. More importantly, the mirror-bright surface formed by it is particularly durable and can prevent damage from detergent.

  6. Packing Line 

    This packing line is widely used in laminate flooring, furniture, and line packing industries. It can pack, seal and cut products such like carton automatically. And after cutting it will shrink through shrinking machine to look more beautiful and proof water.

  7. Stacking Line(optional)

    To complete automatic wrapping of packed final finished products in stacking area for stacking so as to ensure convenient transportation.

Comparing Stainless Press Plates with Other Materials

In comparison to other materials like carbon steel or plastic, stainless press plates showcase superior durability. The resistance to wear and tear, combined with their ability to withstand high pressures, gives stainless press plates a distinct edge in industrial applications.

Proper Maintenance for Prolonged Lifespan

To ensure the extended lifespan of stainless press plates, proper maintenance is crucial. Regular cleaning, inspection for wear or damage, and addressing any issues promptly can significantly contribute to their durability and overall performance.

Our Projects

spc flooring production line

Our Services


●Provide the information in time at customer requirement and make reasonable proposals and budgeting for whole flooring production line.

●Give technical support for the customer's renovation of old facilities for free

●Provide one-stop service and support to the customer's other equipment

●Provide raw material related consultation


●On-site planning for the customers by professional engineer

●Valuable advice and recommendations on the purchasing of other auxiliary accessories and raw material

●Free training for operators


●For all sold products ,free replacement of quality problems within the warranty period,provide lifetime keep-up and maintenance service

●All-around keep-up,transportation and transformation of equipment

●Provide production and technical advisory service

●Provide on-site installation, debugging , training and remote guidance services,

FAQ of Lamiate Flooring Stainless Press Plate

  1. Are stainless press plates suitable for high-temperature applications?

    Stainless press plates are known for their heat tolerance, making them suitable for high-temperature manufacturing processes.

  2. Can stainless press plates be repaired if damaged?

    In many cases, minor damage to stainless press plates can be repaired through specialized processes, restoring their functionality.

  3. What is the typical lifespan of stainless press plates

    When properly maintained, stainless press plates can have a lifespan ranging from several years to decades, depending on usage and conditions.

  4. Do stainless press plates require any special cleaning or maintenance?

    Stainless press plates require regular cleaning and inspection to remove residues and ensure optimal performance.

  5. How do stainless press plates contribute to sustainable manufacturing?

    Stainless press plates' durability and recyclability reduce the need for frequent replacements, minimizing waste and supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

  1. Rich experience and professional design

    We have 15 years experience in flooring industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.

  2. Competitive price 

    HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

  3. Timely after-sale service

    We have over 15 skilled technicians offer after-sale service, will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the flooring production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

  4. One-stop solution

    We provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,whole SPC  flooring production line, raw materials ,Equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

  5. Quality control

    Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.

  6. Customized

    HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.

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