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PVC Skirting Extrusion Line

  • HallMark

  • 200KW


Product Description

PVC Skirting Board Extrusion Line Overview

The skirting is a balance point between the wall and the floor. Installing the skirting can not only make the interior more beautiful, but also play a protective role on the ground and wall.

PVC skirting board is a new material PVC baseboard, which is a cheap alternative to solid wood skirting. PVC baseboards can imitate solid wood skirting, and use leather and other methods to present the effect of wood grain, which has both wood grain visual effects and cheap prices, so many owners and friends will also choose PVC baseboards.

PVC skirting extruder machine is a kind of special equipment for extruding PVC compound. With different kinds of molds and auxiliary machines, it can produced all sorts of PVC plastic, profile, plate material, sheet material, bar material and granulation. 

PVC Skirting Board Extrusion Line Video

PVC Skirting Board Extrusion Line Parameters



Power Supply

380V three-phase 50HZ

(According to customer's local voltage

Plastic Material

Main material :PVC powders (SG-5) + Caco3,
Additive: Stabilizer, CPE, ACR, DOP, TiO2

Conical Twin Screw Extruder

HM 55/120

Production Capacity

100-120 Kg/h

Max. Line Speed


Operation Direction

From right to left

Machine Color

Standard or Customized

Totally Power


(For reference only, the appropriate model will be selected according to the actual needs of customers)

PVC Skirting Board 

PVC Skirting Board

    PVC Skirting Board

PVC Skirting Boards

PVC Skirting Board

Skirting Board

PVC Skirting Board

PVC Skirting Board Machine of 

SPC Skirting  Extrusion Line Configuration

No. Machine

          Screw loader for extruder-2.2kw

1 Set

HM 55/120 conical twin screw extruder

1 Set

YF180 calibration table

1 Set

YF180 Haul off unit

1 Set

YF180 Cut- off unit

1 Set

YF180 tilting bracke

1 Set

                         Skirting mould

1 Set

1.SPC Skirting Extrusion Line

Extrusion line

SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring, also named Rigid vinyl plank, is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on high technology. The raw materials are natural stone powder and PVC resin powder as well as additives.The SPC/PVC extruder converts the mixed raw materials into the SPC core layer by the twin screw and T-die, and laminating the wear-resistant layer and decorative film on the core layer with emboss roller.

Auxiliary Machines

No. Machine Qty


1 Set


1 Set


1 Set


1 Set

Wrapping machine line

1 Set

Mixer machine

1.Mixer Unit Machine

The high speed PVC mixing machine is composed of plastic mixer (hot mixer), cooling mixer and control cabinet.

It will guarantee the mixer could use for long time under the high friction.The mixing blades are passed the static and dynamic balance testing. And the main shaft adopts fine sealing to prevent material leakage.



This PVC recycle system crusher/granulator/grinder(pet bottle crusher) is mainly used for SPC and PVC materials, such as LVT floor, SPC floor and other plastic sheet. With special designed structure, it will get more capacity with less power consumption.

water chiller

3.Water Chiller

low temperature coolant circulation pump is a low temperature liquid circulation equipment that uses mechanical refrigeration to provide a low temperature liquid and a low temperature water bath

Wrapping machine line

4.Wrapping Machine Line

Full automatic shrink packaging machine can not only be solely used, but used simultaneously with other equipment to form packaging production line. It can automatically array, aggregate and align PET beverage bottle or other similar articles, then package it with shrinking film, finally produce finished products after shrinking by heating, cooling and forming. The packaged product is firmly bound with excellent appearance, which can be opened conveniently. 

Advantages of SPC Flooring Extrusion Line

The screw adopts the design of special mixing material function and high plasticization capacity. This guarantees the uniformity of plastic melting, coloring, and high output.

T-type die head adopts a double throttling design, which makes them more precise in adjusting the thickness of the sheet.

The ±1℃ precision degree of temperature control can control the plasticization process, thickness, and surface smoothness of the sheet accurately.

The arrangement of roller can be vertical, horizontal, or free adjusting type, which can give more selection based on different thickness of the sheet.

The screw adjusting and oil pressure press-roller double direction adjusting can control the thickness of the sheet accurately.

The cutting machine can cut the sheet to get an accurate length.

Our Services


●Provide the information in time at customer requirement and make reasonable proposals and budgeting for whole flooring production line.

●Give technical support for the customer's renovation of old facilities for free

●Provide one-stop service and support to the customer's other equipment

●Provide raw material related consultation


●On-site planning for the customers by professional engineer

●Valuable advice and recommendations on the purchasing of other auxiliary accessories and raw material

●Free training for operators


●For all sold products ,free replacement of quality problems within the warranty period,provide lifetime keep-up and maintenance service

●All-around keep-up,transportation and transformation of equipment

●Provide production and technical advisory service

●Provide on-site installation, debugging , training and remote guidance services,

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

  1. Rich experience and professional design

    We have 15 years experience in flooring industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.

  2. Competitive price 

    HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

  3. Timely after-sale service

    We have over 15 skilled technicians offer after-sale service, will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the flooring production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

  4. One-stop solution

    We provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,whole SPC  flooring production line, raw materials ,Equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

  5. Quality control

    Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.

  6. Customized

    HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.

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